Shy glizzy chain stole

2019-12-05 18:30

Dec 27, 2015 Washington, DC native Shy Glizzy is going to have to move forward from his stolen chain controversy after losing it during a Memphis event earlier this month. New footage of a group of men claimingShy Glizzy Got His Chain Snatched at a Memphis Show Memphis may have quickly become one of Shy Glizzy's least favorite cities. Shots were fired at a Glizzy show in the Tennessee town over the shy glizzy chain stole

Dec 23, 2015 Following the gunfire, Shy Glizzy's Glizzy Gang chain was stolen off his neck. The robber apparently wants 50, 000 in return for the chain. Police say the owner of the nightclub is too scared to

Shy glizzy chain stole free

Dec 25, 2015  Footage recently showed  Shy Glizzy getting his chain snatched  by a couple of Memphis rappers and apparently it made him think about how he presents himself in

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Dec 20, 2015 shy glizzy gets chain snatched in club dream in memphis tenn.

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