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Pop goes the sidechain. Like other pieces of the musical vocabulary, sidechaining facilitates expression whether thats pressure, claustrophobia, the vibe of a club soundsystem, or playing with psychoacoustic expectations. In part two of this feature, well look at some standard ways to sidechain, and some truly experimental ideas.Aug 29, 2014 The whole sidechain thing in Ableton is a bit ridiculous, but it's an Ableton issue not a ProC one. One way you could get round it, is bus all the channels you want sidechaining so they are all driven by one proC, so you only need one duplicate kick track. But obv that limits your flexibility. pro-c sidechain ableton

Open FabFilter ProC 2's interface, enable Side chain expert mode and set Side Chain to Ext. In the right top corner of the plugin interface header, in the 'Side Chain' menu, choose the side chain track. Now, the signal from the side chain track is sent to FabFilter ProC 2's external sidechain input. Ableton Live

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Aug 04, 2014 1. Put ProC on midi or audio track to be ducked. Make sure expert mode and side chain function are engaged and auto gain is off. 2.

Nov 03, 2018  In this short video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how to get external sidechain routing for Fabfilters ProC 2 compressor in Ableton Live 10. While this video is done in Ableton Live 10, the methods are very similar in all other professional DAWs. The benefits to external sidechain compression are many. The most common use [

Oct 17, 2018  In this video tutorial, I will show you basic external sidechain routing for Fabfilters ProC 2 compressor in Ableton Live 10 as well as how to use the sidechain filter to get more precise and better results. Both Fabfilter in general and ProC 2 specifically have incredible status in the world

Then on your return track in the Audio To drop down choose the ProC track and in the drop down below that choose the Side Chain FabFilter ProC. So proc is now getting the side chain signal from the kick and snare but you still have to send it a signal to be processed by setting the Audio To of each track that you need to be side chained.

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May 03, 2012 Fabfilter ProC (Mono SC) as an insert to the pad signal. Click the EXPERT button in the ProC interface and select Ext under the SIDE CHAIN heading to activate the sidechain input. On the kick channel, select the pad track from the Audio To dropdown. The ProC Sidechain input gets automatically selected on the Output channel underneath.

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Nov 07, 2012 I'm creating dance music so sidechain compressor is quite important for me. I know that currently maschine doesn't have sidechain compressor out of the box and we need to use some external vst for that. That's why I would like to ask you how to setup (if is possible) Fabfilter ProC in Maschine?

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