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Double Loop Chain is a versatile nonwelded chain Double Loop Chain is a versatile nonwelded chain that combines flexibility and strength. This general utility chain is ideal for a wide variety of uses such as animal restraints gates porch swings playground gymnasiumChain Grade. The grade refers to the tensile strength of the chain. This is expressed in newtons per square millimeter (a newton is approximately 0. lbs). The tensile strength is calculated by multiplying the grade times the area of the two cross sections of hardware chain sizes

Chain Gauge. The gauge of the chain is actually the thickness of a drive link. This measurement ensures the chain will ride around the bar without binding or slipping. Gauge is a small measurement, typically either. 043, . 050 or. 063 inches on Stihl brand chains. Some Stihl chains employ a. 058 or a. 080 chain gauge.

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Peerless offers hardware chain and accessories for all of your hardware needs, from grade 30 chain to spring links and more!

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All Red Boar Chain chains are solid roller, # 120 and larger are solid bushing solid roller ensuring a longer wear life than split roller and split bushing chain. Ideal for a wide range of loads, speeds, and designs. Also Available in Nickel and Dacromet Coated Roller Chain. Double Strand Roller Chain Spec Chart

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