Following chain of command in the workplace

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A chain of command is important in many types of organizations, but making decisions in any setting is simpler when the chain of command is followed. According to the Houston Chronicle, a chain of command establishes company hierarchy, defines members of authority in every situation, improves employee morale and raises workplace efficiency.Breaking the chain of command means that you went over the bosss head to complain. Im sorry for you for that. In a company that small there isnt likely to be anyone to complain to. While small companies have their charms, they dont have human resource professionals on staff very often. following chain of command in the workplace

Mar 01, 2017 The Organizational Impact of Bypassing the Chain of Command. Urgent message: A chain of command exists in most organizations to assure efficient and accurate communication, orderly and organized business operations, and proper allocation of time and resources. When the chain of command is broken, however, the entire business can suffer.

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Just as you cant expect every employee to agree with every decision you make, you also cant allow an employee who ignores the chain of command to disrupt and undermine your business. Ignoring the situation and hoping it resolves itself isnt the answer to handling an employee who ignores the chain of command.

Respect for chainofcommand is essential for the smooth growth, prosperity and effective management of an organization. If it works in the Army, it will prove invaluable in your business structure. Within a pyramidal organization, respect for the chainofcommand is crucial for effective management.

Show up to work on time, be respectful, and follow rules and policies. It is the responsibility of the employer to: Pay their employees, provide clear expectations, provide a clean and safe environment, give proper training and supervision, and provide employees

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Sep 16, 2018 Chain of command thinking originated in an industrial age when work involved more rote activities, less information, and communication options were limited, Decision making and authority were clearly placed in the hands of a few individuals at or near the top of an organization chart.

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