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Jul 14, 2011 Chainsuck is caused most frequently by worn out, dirty, or unlubed drivetrains. You could probably have used the search function to figure this all out though. Don't you hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus?Mar 06, 2018  Some of the main causes are a dirty drivetrain, poor lubrication, worn drivetrain, or a chainchainring combo with mismatched wear. SUBSCRIBE& HIT THE chainsuck causes

Jun 18, 2014  The causes of chainsuck Chainsuck occurs primarily when downshifting under load from the middle to the smallest chainring, wrote the late bike repair guru Sheldon Brown. The bottom run of the chain may not immediately disengage from the middle ring, and can get carried upward until it wedges betwixt the chainwheels and the right chainstay.

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The links are carried up the rear of the chainring under continuing load the chain sucks! ! Wear on the tooths pressurefaces (not burrs on tooth sides or thickened teeth) is the MAIN CAUSE of 1RINGSuck, and sometimes 2ring suck, which is however a bit more complex.

For these reasons, small grannyrings are more vulnerable to chainsuck than larger rings. There are some obvious issues which can cause chainsuck such as damage to chainrings, teeth, or the chain. Tight chain links caused by damage, or by poorly maintained chains packed with dried mud, can also cause chainsuck.

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What Chain Suck is NOT! This problem is related to overshifting (described above) where, during a shift, the chain overshot the smaller ring going beyond and off the small ring. Unfortunately, the geometry on his bike guided the chain into a place where it jammed between the ring and the BB.

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