Om651 timing chain problems

2019-12-06 21:48

Dec 29, 2017 The same videos appear too often; Too many videos I have already watched; Not enough different topics; There are clickbait videos; Other problem; Nonenot sureJul 30, 2017 The OM651 does have (or can have) a timing chain problem. It's only a wimpy little single row chain so it stretches. I've had one of my vans done but it was under warranty. It doesn't appear to be exactly a fun job as the chain is in the back of the engine. I'd pull the engine to make it easier but I'm old. om651 timing chain problems

Mar 20, 2015  GLK 220 cdi 2 engine repair Mercedes GLK 220 cdi 2 Series Duration: 33: 49. 37, 167 views

Om651 timing chain problems free

Jan 26, 2019 OM651 timing chain issues. how common are they nowadays? ? ? in 250cdi guise, 6 speed manual (She's another one ) on a 59 plate. she asked if it was single or double timing chain to have the 651 rather than the 646 evo engine. by all accounts the car has 50odd k miles on it. is she likely to have problems, do we think? or was it an issue

Mar 01, 2018 I have a Jeep Compass that is using a OM651 engine (OM651. 925 I believe paper style cartridge filters). The problem I am having a timing chain rattle on start. Its not a new problem But I only really noticed it after getting the car and doing the first oil filter change. The previous owner didn't take care of it I would guess given dirty oil.

May 31, 2019 OM651 timing chain @76k miles, to replace or not? Discussion in 'Engine' started by Haven't a clue! , Jul 11, 2018. Haven't a clue! It is THEIR opinion that a timing chain (properly serviced) was designed by them to last the lifetime of the engine . This is no small matter with engines lasting 400, 000 miles and more.

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Jun 11, 2016 It's unfortunate that this particular issue is the timing chain as it's located at the back of the engine on OM651. Engine out to rectify. It's the most economical motor you can have in an NCV3 though, but doesn't have nearly as much character as say an OM612.

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