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Feb 25, 2016  Unchained Summoner MiniGuide A fine guide to the standard Pathfinder Summoner from the Advanced Players Guide exists already (on these very forums, no less! ), but with release of the Unchained Summoner from Pathfinder Unchained, I figured a reexamination and analysis was in order. I will mostly concern myself with the changes to the summoners eidolon, and the revised spell list.Jan 07, 2016  I just got the Unchained data package. I was trying to create a synthesist with the unchained summoner and it doesn't appear to work. Are there any plans to get it to work soon? My GM had banned the old synthesist, but he agreed to allow the new version since it's a unchained summoner synthesist

May 17, 2015 Unchained summoner is out and he got nerfed. . I mean nurfed! His spell list is a lot weaker and this hits him hard. However his Eidolon ability became so much more interesting which in turn, makes the synthesist a little bit controversial I might say?

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Shadow is a new eidolon subtype available to the variant of the summoner class presented in Pathfinder RPG Pathfinder Unchained. Summoned from the dreary shadowscapes of the Shadow Plane, shadow eidolons are grim, colorless mockeries of creatures that inhabit the Material Plane.

Oct 08, 2016 The Unchained Summoner has all the same abilities as a regular Summoner has that would be replaced or modified by the Synthesist archetype The Unchained Summoner is incompatible with any archetype that changes the form of the Eidolon.

Oct 11, 2015 A midgame Synthesist Unchained or not has comperable HP, DPS, and theoretically DR to barbarian, spells slightly weaker than a Sorcerer, defensive abilities almost as good as a Paladin, the single best mobilityrelated suite of features in the game, and all of the Polymorph features that make melee Alchemists

Aug 04, 2015 Why would I ever choose Unchained Summoner over vanilla Summoner? What is broken about the class aside from the synthesist summoner? Unchained summoner has a lot more flavor, now it's THE OUTSIDER incited of a general whatever grey blob thing that everyone build. It's an actual devil, archon, angel, your choice.

The synthesist can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to his summoner level. He can end this effect at any time as a free action. At level 20, the synthesist can instead use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to his summoner level.

The unchained summoner that takes this homebrew archetype synthesist says While fused with his eidolon, the synthesist retains his own ability scores, modified by the eidolon's evolutions. A syntesist's eidolon cannot apply the ability increase evolution to mental

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Unchained Summoner. Known as summoners, these arcane practitioners form close bonds with particular outsiders, known as eidolons, which increase in power along with their callers. In the end, summoners and their eidolons become linked, sharing shards of the same souls.

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