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Nov 14, 2017 In a legal context, the chain of custody definition involves the order that a piece of evidence must be handled while investigating a case. It is a chronological paper trail that documents who collected, handled, analyzed, or otherwise controlled pieces of evidence during an investigation.Apr 11, 2012 Chain of Custody in a Criminal Case. Where evidence must be submitted to a laboratory, the custodian delivers that evidence to the laboratory, and obtains a receipt from the laboratory. When the laboratory has completed its examination, it is the custodian who returns to the laboratory, receives the remaining specimen1 from the laboratory, chain of custody evidence criminal case

Chain of custody is a legal term referring to the order and manner in which physical or electronic evidence in criminal and civil investigations has been handled. In criminal trials, the prosecution must typically prove that all evidence was handled according to a properly documented and unbroken chain of custody.

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May 15, 2012  Challenging Chain of Custody of Evidence. The chain of custody is the roadmap for the evidence gathered in a criminal case. By following the chain of custody, you can see where an item of evidence has been from the moment it was collected to the time it is offered as evidence in a criminal trial.

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The chain of custody of evidence is one of the most important aspects of investigating the governments case against a criminal defendant. Blood work, scientific evidence on weapons, and narcotics are usually the most common items where a break in the chain of custody can result in that evidence being suppressed (thrown out).

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