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2020-01-20 16:08

If you have a narrow staircase an ideal solution to install a stairlift (also known as a 'stair chair') in your house could be to have a 'perch stairlift' (also called a 'perching stairlift'). I only said that it could be, because perch stairlifts are not ideal for everybody.The Sadler Stairlift Sadler: Designed for your needs If sitting down and getting back up is painful or difficult, the Sadler is just what you need. Designed specifically for people with limited flexibility in their hips, knees and back, the Stannah Sadler is a completely different concept in stairlift design. perching stairlift chair

If bending at the hips presents a problem, the Stand and Perch Stairlift is the solution for you. Just step onto the stair lift, lean against the padded back, and glide up and down your staircase with ease. The fully height adjustable seating arrangement will accommodate either a standing or perching position.

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A standing or perch stairlift doesnt have a seat it has a small platform or perch at standing height. You can rest in a standing position as you move up and down the stairs. It also has armrests at standing height, for extra balance and safety.

A perching seat position is a position between a sitting and standing position. A perch stairlift greatly reduces the minimum clearance width required for a conventional seated stairlift.

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StandingPerching Stair Lifts. Standing and perching stair lifts are designed for narrow stairways where a regular chair lift would not fit due to the narrow width. They are only suitable for elderly who have the ability to stand for several minutes the length of time it takes to move up or down the stairs.

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