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Aug 17, 2017 Huge fire visible across Glasgow. A fire which has broken out at Blochairn Fruit Market in Glasgow is visible across much of the city and led to speed restrictions on the M8 motorway. Markets been evacuated, one end on fire Limited access for vehicles is being allowed at the massive Blochairn market complex in Glasgow.City Property Markets operate the largest wholesale fruit, vegetable and fish markets in Scotland as well as manage a number of retail and farmers markets across the city. Glasgow Wholesale Markets at the Blochairn complex is a major distribution centre for fresh fruit and vegetables in Scotland as well as including the only inland fish market in the country, serving a customer base extending through Central blochairn market complex

Glasgow Fruit Market 130 Blochairn Road, Glasgow G21 2DU,

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George Street Complex. City Property (Glasgow) LLP acting on behalf of Glasgow City Council is pleased to announce the sale of the George Street Complex to the Chris Stewart Group for the sum of 5, 110, 000. Due to the ongoing demolition works to the fire damaged areas of the Blochairn market site, the car boot sale will not be held on

The Car Boot Sale is held at the Blochairn Wholesale Market complex: 130 Blochairn Road every Sunday throughout the year. To sell at the Car Boot Sale you just turn up on the day. Pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis.

About Blochairn Car Boot Sale. The car boot sale is held on Sundays in the Blochairn Market Complex. It is the largest of its kind in Scotland and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. The Complex is easily accessed from the M8 Motorway and there is car parking for 800 vehicles on site. The buyers walk areas of the Fruit Market provide 230

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May 28, 2017 Myself and my mum went to do a boot sale for the first time at Blochairn Market and the staff were pretty ignorant towards and we had sold out by 11: 30 they then told us we couldn't get until 3pm. Which wasn't what we expected after queing at 4am leaving home at 3am to get a good pitch!

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