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2020-01-21 12:55

Part of Ventura Lambrate's Instant Stories by DMY, Werner Aisslinger presented a vision for the future, when furniture could be grown rather than made. More information Part of Ventura Lambrates Instant Stories by DMY, Werner Aisslinger presented a vision forTo Aisslinger, Chair Farm represents the future of furniture plantations where chairs, and perhaps other pieces, can be grown on a large scale. Growing a chair is merely a representation, according to Aisslinger, of a blossoming new activism. aisslinger chair farm

Apr 16, 2012  Chair Farm Project The development from Hemp chair to chair farm was merely a logical consequence in Aisslingers work. It is a further development in

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Jan 10, 2015  Aisslinger's Chair Farm considers the way we consume furniture: instead of importing items for use, we can nurture and shape them ourselves

Account: studio aisslinger Plant yourself a chair The chair farm concept is as simple as it is radical. A plantation chair produced in an agricultural Lab is an production utopia of the future The chair is no longer produced in the classical sense of the word. Instead, it

Jan 17, 2017  Aisslinger designed the Mesh collection for German brand Piure, a system furniture company that allows buyers to customise products online. The aim was to create an open frame

Home bei Studio Aisslinger more information CORAL at the Garden of Wonders Expo Exhibition Milan

Aisslinger 's Chair Farm considers the way we consume furniture. In many ways the Chair Farm represents a natural evolution of some of his previous pieces, like the Hemp chair he launched at last

Apr 27, 2011 Berlinbased designerarchitect Werner Aisslinger, designed Hemp Chair the first monobloc chair designed using natural fibers that have been molded under heat using a special ecofriendly resin, resulting in a sustainable composite material. The project is supported and is in cooperation with the German chemical company BASF.

Werner Aisslinger is in a hurry, but hes over it. For a discussion of progressive design, the 25hours Hotel project, and Vitra, hes willing to take the time. This portrait is part of Companion Magazine, a new project developed by FvF for 25hours Hotel.

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the chair farm one of aisslingers most forwardthinking ideas is based on the search for different, advanced as well as realistic visions that break away from the conventions of

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