How to determine which chair conformation is more stable

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Aug 13, 2019 A conformation in which both substituents are equatorial will always be more stable than a conformation with both groups axial. When one substituent is axial and the other is equatorial, the most stable conformation will be the one with the bulkiest substituent in the equatorial position.Out of two conformations, the one with lower energy is more stable. So, despite having two axial groups, the first conformer is more as two chlorines do not bring as much steric interaction as the methyl group. how to determine which chair conformation is more stable

Question: Draw The Two Chair Conformations Of Each Compound, And Labelthe Substituents As Axial And Equatorial Clearly. In Eachcase, Determine Which Conformation Is More Stable. In Eachcase, Determine Which Conformation Is More Stable.

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The chair conformation has alternating axial up, axial down so once you have that single axial substituent move on to. . Step 5: Alternate your axial substituents up and down all the way around your cyclohexane. Every carbon on the chair conformation has 1 substituent axial and the other equatorial.

Each dihedral angle tries to adopt a staggered conformation and each internal CC bond attempts to take on an anti conformation to minimize the potential energy of the molecule. The most stable conformation of any unbranched alkane follows these rules to take on zigzag shapes:

Sep 27, 2009  cyclohexane with equatorial substituents (more stable) cyclohexane with axial substituents (less stable) The more stable conformation can

The chair conformation is more stable because it does not have any steric hindrance or steric repulsion between the hydrogen bonds. By drawing cyclohexane in a chair conformation, we can see how the H's are positioned. There are two positions for the H's in the chair conformation, which are in an axial or an equitorial formation.

To determine the energy or relative energy of conformers of cyclohexanes, when you are only provided with the name, follow the steps outlined below. 1. Draw the structure of the compound using the wedgedotted line convention to show the proper stereochemistry indicated in the name of the compound.

conformation. In the pictures below, the methyl in the equatorial position is more stable because it avoids interaction with the hydrogen atoms. The larger the group is, the more it will tend to remain in the equatorial position. Therefore, when trying to determine which chair is more stable, place the larger group in the equatorial position.

To Determine Chair Conformation Stability, Add Up The AValues For Each Axial Substituent. The Lower The Number The More Stable It Is Now that weve drawn all four possibilities, we can rank them in order of stability if we want, and then determine that for the two isomers of the diequatorial conformer of trans 1, 2

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Sep 25, 2010 How do I determine show more I know that for butane, it is most stable in anti. The only thing to consider is the methyl groups are 180 degrees from each other in the newman projection Then when a question asks about and its most stable conformations (staggered ones only), I am very confused.

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