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Apr 17, 2018  Larry Walters was fearful that if he popped the balloons, he would become unbalanced and fall out of the chair. However, after flying for 45 minutes, he eventually got up the courage to shoot out some of the balloons. He descended slowly, and, after a total of 90 minutes in the airOct 25, 2017 100 Helium Balloons Carry Man in Lawn Chair For 15 Miles He and his team figured out how to get him off the ground in a lawn chair by strapping 100 helium balloons to it. Shotgun Balloon lawn chair hot air balloon

In July of 1982, a truck driver and former army cook named Larry Walters flew to 16, 000 feet in an aluminum lawn chair tethered to 42 helium balloons. He took water for ballast, beef jerky for nourishment, and a B. B. gun to shoot out the balloons when he wanted to descend, but the flight did not go quite as planned.

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It called for him to attach a couple of heliumfilled weather balloons to a lawn chair, then cut away an anchor, and float above his backyard at a height of about 30 feet for a couple of hours. The flight would end when he would use a pellet gun to pop the balloons,

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The weather balloons, when fully inflated, would measure more than four feet across. Back home, Larry securely strapped the balloons to his sturdy lawn chair. He anchored the chair to the bumper of his jeep and inflated the balloons with the helium. He climbed on for a

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