How to set up x rocker jet gaming chair

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X Rocker Connection Guide Please feel free to contact Ace Bayou Customer Service for further assistance or any questions or concerns. Telephone (please leave a message ifDec 26, 2018 How to set up your X Rocker Adrenaline Gaming Chair PLSB. Connecting PS4 to The Best Gaming Chair! X Rocker 2. 1 Wireless Gaming How to set the XRocket Chair with Ps4, Ps3, Xbox, Xbox1 how to set up x rocker jet gaming chair

Connect the other ende. the power chord to the wall socketpower supply. 3. Now, turn ON the chair by tapping on the switch on the control panel. 4. Then turn the volume up by the help of the volume rocker. If all goes well you will see the lights are coming from your chair that means, your chair is on.

How to set up x rocker jet gaming chair free

May 26, 2014 how to fix x rocker gaming chair how to set up x rocker gaming chair to xbox 360 wireless how to connect wireless x rocker gaming chair ghost x rocker gaming chair gadget show x rocker gaming

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X Rocker Connection Guide Slideshow. Connection Guide. Troubleshooting Tips. General Set up Video. Quickstart Guide for Wired X Rockers. HDMI converter option for hooking up gaming chairs. USB converter options for hooking up gaming chairs. Connecting Two X Rockers.

Unfold the X Rocker until the back and seat lock into the upright position, then place the chair on the floor in front of the TV. Plug the yellow, white and red AV cables into the colorcoded jacks on the gaming system. Connect the yellow plug on the other end to the video input jack on the back of a TV.

Turn your X Rocker gaming chair and transmitter on. Here is the step by step connection procedure of wireless to a game system using component cable; Unplug the red and white wires from the back side of the tv and the video cords should remain there.

Insert the 3. 5mm end of the female Yadapter (included with X Rocker) into the Input port on the X Rocker chair. Connect the red and white connectors from the PS3 AV cable into the corresponding red and white connectors on the X Rockers Yadapter. Power on your PS3, scroll to the Settings tab and select Sound Settings.

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