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The Pipe Chair, designed by Jasper Morrison for Magis with its round and welcoming lines was designed in order to replace the designer chair with something more easy on the eye. The materials and structure of this chair make it one of the strongest chairs ever made.Notes from the Archive: English designer Jasper Morrison's work is characterized by its simplicity in both form and visionThis chair was originally designed for an installation in Berlin titled Some New Items for the House featuring the Plychairs in both versions (open backed and closed) displayed with a PlyTable in a room complete with plywood walls and floor. jasper morrison ply chair dimension

(Jasper Morisson). The PlyChair is a lightweight, wooden stool with surprisingly clear features. Its pure form and simple elegance are captivating. A matching PlyTable and Low PlyTable are also available. Jasper Morrison's objects provide a quiet contrast to the creative exuberance of the Eighties.

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For the Thinking Mans Chair, Jasper Morrison envisioned a design in which all the elements are functional contributions that ensure the comfort of the seat for prolonged periods of relaxation and pondering: the areas that support the body are made of flat bars and the main structure is tubular; the armchair has armrests equipped with

Plywood Chair. 1988. A chair constructed from plywood, glue and screws. It was originally made for the exhibition Some New Items for the Home, in Berlin. Later produced by

Jasper Morrison HAL Ply Wood Chair. With HAL, Jasper Morrison has reinterpreted the multifunctional shell chair and created a versatile family of chairs with a clean contemporary look. The shape of the seat shell provides great freedom of movement in a variety of sitting positionseven sideways or astride. Designer: Jasper Morrison, 2012

Jasper Morrison in Jasper Morrison, Everything but the walls, Baden 2002, p. 16f. : 'The main reason the Plywood Chair looks the way it does is that I had to make it myself, and the only equipment I had was an electric jigsaw and some ship's curves . So it became a project to cut shapes out of a plywood sheet and reassemble them to make something

HAL Ply Wood, a chair belonging to the extensive HAL product family designed by Jasper Morrison, combines a comfortable plywood seat shell with a distinctive fourlegged base. The seat and legs of the chair are available in various types of premium wood with matching finishes.

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Thinking Man's Chair. 1986. Prototyped for an exhibition of chairs in Japan, with handwritten dimensions. Produced by Cappellini, Italy; Photo: James Mortimer; What was the brief that you set yourself in designing the Thinking Mans Chair? I saw an antique chair with its seat cushion removed for repair. Answers by Jasper Morrison

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