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Monaco laws forbid locals from setting foot inside the luxurious casinos in the microstate such as Casino de Monte Carlo and Monte Carlo Bay Casino although the popular gambling destinations of Monaco attract thousands of tourists every year.Sep 01, 2017  How to Get Monaco Residency and Citizenship: the Ultimate Guide. either. The Principality of Monacos classic Monte Carlo casino (of James Bond fame) is at the heart of the countrys prolific entertainment district and, even today, the streets of Monaco convert into the worlds most prestigious Formula One race track once a year monaco casino citizens

In fact, Monacos citizens not only are not allowed to gamble, but they cant even set foot inside a casino unless they work there. Although, this law excludes the foreign nationals residing on Monaco, which makes up 80 of the population anyway. You can read the detailed story of why Monaco citizens cannot gamble in Monaco on Gambling Herald.

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Monaco, although small, is a very rich country. Its citizens have one of the highest incomes in the world. The country also has a hot casino spot, Monte Carlo, much like Vegas.

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In order to protect its citizens from gambling addiction, Monacos authorities banned them from gambling or working in the casino. In return, the citizens of Monaco were granted taxexempt status. Today, the same rule remains in place and concerns all Monegasque people, including members of

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