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A superb Antique bentwood bistro chair made by JJ Kohn for Mundus. Circa 1920's with pressed patterned seat. In good solid condition with no repairs.The Bistro Bentwood Chair has a comfortable upholstered seat cushion and a classic design. Made with hand made, steambent European Beechwood, the Bistro Bentwood Chair can be used in any setting. Available in a Mahogany, Walnut, Black or Natural finish. Seat color available in a variety of colors. bentwood bistro chairs uk

Amazon. co. uk: bentwood bistro chair. Skip to main content. Try Prime All Kitchen Dining Chairs Bentwood Bistro Sidechair (Natural) (Pack 2) stylish and robust furniture for your home or business.

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A pair of 1950s bentwood armchairs Model: a superb antique bentwood bistro chair made by jj kohn for mundus. the location of these chairs are in penicuik and unfortunately we can not transport them between shops as this is too costly.

A bentwood chair is made in the same way as other pieces of bentwood furniture, through steambending technology. The most famous bentwood chair is the No. 14 chair, made by the Thonet Chair Company, which is also known as the bistro chair. These chairs could be mass produced by unskilled workers and worked like flatpack furniture, in that they could be disassembled to save space.

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Thonet 214 Classic Bentwood Bistro Chair, 1 of 6, Dark Brown The famous coffee house chair is an icon and considered the most successful mass produced product in the world to date: it initiated the history of modern furniture. It is produced in Thonet's Frankenberg facility. 190. 00

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