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A Papasan chair is only able to provide a comfortable seat to a single person. It lacks the space and weightholding capacity for more than one person. So what if you want to sit cuddled up with someone, or share a seat with your kid while you read to them?This chair is quite smaller than a normal curl up type papasan chair, but is perfect for my city apartment living room. Paired with a pouf and a blanket, this chair is incredibly comfortable. Check the dimensions before you buy if you are concerned about the size. (107) papasan chairs comfortable

Cotton Craft Papasan Peacock Blue Overstuffed Chair Cushion, Sink into our comfortable Papasan, Thick and Oversized, Pure 100 Cotton duck fabric, Fits Standard 45 inch Round Chair, Chair not included

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The moonshaped comfort chair received attention under many shapes: some modern papasan chairs can be folded for easy transport and storage and have this soft cushion embedded in the frame. A thick luxurious cushion to rest on can find its place in many corners of the house or garden and the variety of support systems offer a large range of uses for this versatile chair.

The Papasan chair cushion can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth if it collects dust or takes a spill. The main difference with this styling is that the upper seat can swivel a full 360 degrees on top of the pedestal support, just adding a really awesome element of freedom.

Deciding to Buy a Papasan Chair Regardless of what I've read about papasan chairs since, like this Apartment Therapy article about whether it is Hot or Not? , this chair is the most comfortable chair I've ever lounged in. It's even my daughter's favorite piece of furniture, dressed in my husband's style.

Dec 10, 2008  Papasan Chairs have been a favorite for so many years because they are extremely comfortable, making them a great place to hang out while watching TV, reading, gaming or talking to friends. This photo from Domino, while were not crazy about the interior, illustrates that the Papasan can be worked into more modern environments

At first glance, you might think papasans were designed purely for novelty and they couldn't be comfortable, but they are relaxing for many people. The large, circular cushion fits a curledup position, and it is thick enough that the frame doesn't poke through to cause discomfort.

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Some of these double chairs are even foldable, so you can put them away if you need more room. The other benefit of foldable Papasan chairs is theyre generally fairly light as well which makes them easy to move around if you ever feel the need to redecorate your living room.

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