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2019-12-14 22:26

Re: ASCII control characters in XML Yes, the XML spec clearly rules these characters out. We didn't discuss it that much during the process it seemed like a good idea, and nobody on any of the committees seemed troubled at the prospect of losing them; so I'm afraid this is a hardwired characteristic of XML 1. 0, and you're stuck with it.On the opposite, the code point U0085 is a valid control character in Unicode and ISOIEC, as well as in XML 1. 0 and XML 1. 1 documents (in all contexts), and its usage is not discouraged (it is treated as whitespace in many XML contexts, or as a linebreak control similar to U000D and U000A in preformatted texts in some XML applications). xml and control characters

However, the use of control characters and undefined Unicode char is discouraged. It can also be noticed that all parsers do not always take this into account and XML documents with control characters may be rejected. 2. Characters that need to be escaped (to obtain a wellformed document):

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Escaping XML Data. Adding control characters ( ') into xml data can cause the parser to miss understand the resulting data. The solution is to escape the control characters so that the parser can interpret them correctly as data, and not confuse them for

In SGML, HTML and XML documents, the logical constructs known as character data and attribute values consist of sequences of characters, in which each character can manifest directly (representing itself), or can be represented by a series of characters called a character reference, of which there are two types: a numeric character reference and a character entity reference.

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Most control characters are prohibited in XML: see the Specification for exact details. There are also no reserved words as such in the user namespace of XML: you can call an element element and an attribute attribute and so on as in the following (perverse) example:

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