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Within MOC, two competing techniques known as wavefield method and latticepoint approach are presented. The first example that is detailed is the minimumlength supersonic nozzle design. The principle of wave cancellation at a solid boundary is used in supersonic nozzle designmethod of characteristics. A nozzle design which does not directly employ the mathematical method of characteristics was evolved by Friedrichs 1 o (1944). A series solution of the nonlinear wave equation was used, only the leading terms in the series being retained in the design proper. method of characteristics nozzle example

The solution of flow problems using the method of characteristics can be simplified by dividing the flow into regions of uniform flow (with no waves), simple waves (where straight waves belonging to one The figure shows an example of a simple the characteristics that the simple wave follows.

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Design of a Supersonic Nozzle using Method of Characteristics Md Akhtar Khan 1, Sanjay Kumar Sardiwal 2, M. V. Sai Sharath 3, D. Harika Chowdary 4 Assistant Professor Gitam University, Hyderabad, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

It uses the classic Method of Characteristics (MOC) technique to design a jet nozzle and analzye the internal flow field, the plume, and the external flow near the nozzle exit. It can then determinine the interactions between these three flow fields.

In mathematics, the method of characteristics is a technique for solving partial differential equations. Typically, it applies to firstorder equations, although more generally the method of characteristics is valid for any hyperbolic partial differential equation. The method is to reduce a partial differential equation to a family of ordinary differential equations along which the solution can be integrated from

Design of a Supersonic Nozzle using Method of Characteristics. It is rational to assume the flow holds the consistency in the converging section and, thereby, an arbitrary shape is assumed for the converging section of the supersonic nozzle. The design considerations are concentrated at the diverging section.

Example: Rocket l i Engine Nozz e M e ccealear all ac u egt o e, ta tu ageMach 2 minimum length nozzle, initial turn angle ai adas23 radians

Example: Design a 2D ideal nozzle to expand from near sonic conditions (M0 1. 1) to Me 3. Use only 4 characteristics. Use a corner expansion as a starter, 1. 25 16. 512, Rocket Propulsion Prof. M. MartinezSanchez Lecture 8 Page 10 of 20.

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Feb 20, 2017 Minimum length nozzle design using method of characteristics. Design Mach number, number of expansion waves, ratio of specific heat are supplied by user. The file planarmoc. m generates characteristic net and the contour of nozzle.

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