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Dec 05, 2012 A level 30 character in Mass Effect 2 that is imported into Mass Effect 3 will retain its level and abilities, and can immediately start working toward the new level cap of 60. Any credits or resources that an imported character had in Mass Effect 2 will be reset in Mass Effect 3.Locate the folder where Mass Effect is installed. Then go to Binaries and open 'MassEffect2Config There's a button on the left about save games. After clicking it, a button appears called 'copy Mass Effect 1 saves' that allows you to browse to the folder containing your save files. The folder is usually Documents BioWare Mass Effect Save. mass effect character transfer benefits

Jul 18, 2015  How to Properly import a Mass Effect 2 Character into ME3 for PC: 1. First install Mass Effect 3 2. If ME2 is on another computer, copy the files in your DocumentsBiowareMass Effect 2

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What are the specific save import bonuses for Mass Effect 3. Importing a level 1 through level 49 character will grant 1, 000 XP (the player starts at level 2), 20, 000 credits, and 2, 500 of each resource. Importing a level 50 through level 59 character will grant 2, 000 XP (the player starts at level 3), 30, 000 credits, and 5, 000 of each resource.

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How do you transfer character from mass effect 1 to mass effect 2? It will ask you when you start a new character if you would like to import an ME1 character. You then select the storage location

The character's first name, gender, background, and appearance are determined by the player on starting a new game, with both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 allowing the player to import saves from previous games to carry over that version of Shepard.

Dec 29, 2009  Upon starting a new game from the main menu, players can import a character save from Mass Effect 1 The Player chooses which character to bring in. Bringing in more than one character

Hi I am a level 500 MULTIPLAYER character on Xbox 360 mass effect 3 and just got the game for pc and was wondering if there is a way to transfer that level from Xbox to pc somehow because I don't wanna have to restart all that hard work.

Forums: Index Watercooler Character builds Well since the Gold Standard builds page was deleted I though it would be fair to start one on the forum. This way people can add their own without dispute if they're perfect or not. The Fallout wikia also does this. A lot of these builds are from the

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Aug 20, 2013 Launch the game, just make sure you select Mass Effect 2 launcher when you do so. When the launcher pops up, click on configure. Go to save games and click on copy mass effect 1 save games. From there, just look for your save game folder (my documentsbiowaremass effectsave), and then you should be able to import your ME1 character.

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