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His only appearance is in the SNES version of Super PunchOut! ! as the first boxer in the Major Circuit. His look and name are references to the reggae legend Bob Marley. Before leaving Jamaica, Bob Charlie was crowned Jive King of Kingston. Gabby Jay. Gabby Jay is the first boxer in Super PunchOut! ! for the Super NES.This Italian heavy weight is a humorous addition to the game Super Punch Out. He adds sass to his massive punches and even throws balls at you after juggling them. Along with Bear Hugger, he is one of the only severely overweight character in the game. super punch out characters snes

Aug 07, 2010 this videos includes all starting taunts there winning taunts and the time up taunts list of fighters Gabby Jay Bear Hugger Piston Hurricane Bald Bull Bob Charlie Dragon Chan Masked Muscle Mr

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The SNES version of Super PunchOut features a muscular blondehaired character as the protagonist; Nintendo has been inconsistent regarding his identity. According to the May 2009 issue of Nintendo Power, Bryce Holliday, one of the main developers of the Wii version of PunchOut, states that the player character in Super PunchOut is not

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This category is for all characters who appear in the 1994 video game Super PunchOut! ! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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