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This page includes all creatures and legendary figures in North America (US, Mexico, Canada). It also includes the Cajun Mythology and NativeAmerican Mythology categories.Nov 26, 2013 9 Obscure Native American Mythological Figures. This is a monster from the folklore of the Abenaki people of the NE United States. The story claims in that in the days before colonization, this creature would prowl the woodlands of modernday New England. It was a half man, half animal monster that cannibalized its victims. american mythological characters

Mr. World (Low Key Lyesmith Loki) Loki, the trickster and sometimes evil god of Norse Mythology, acts as one of the main antagonists in American Gods. As Low Key Lyesmith, Loki is nothing more than Shadows cell mate in jail (read full character analysis)

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Native American Monsters of Myth and Legend List of Native American Monsters from Various Tribes Ice Cannibals Witches Ghosts Serpents Lake Monsters Sea Monsters Giants StiffLegged Bear Giant animals Giant birds Bigfoot Vampires ShapeShifters Little People Mermaids Nature Spirits List of Specific Native American Monster Names Aniwye (Ojibwe

Retellings of American folktales, tall tales, myths and legends, Native American myths, weather folklore, ghost stories, and more from each of the 50 United States of

American mythology. American mythology may also refer to the modern study of these representations, and to the subject matter as represented in the literature and art of other cultures in any period. Stories from American mythology are the primary sources of inspiration for stories and tall tales such as Bigfoot, Paul Bunyan, and The Lone Ranger.

Database of Native American mythological figures from various tribes. Indian languages Indian cultures What's new on our site today! Find Native American ancestors in your family tree: Native American Figures of Myth and Legend Here is our directory of Native American mythological and legendary characters:

Davy Crockett and the Coonskin. Well, they say that Davy Crockett, the most famous bear hunter in the U. S. of A, once ran for election in Congress. He was campaigning in town one day, standing on a big ol' stump an talking to a big ol' crowd, when one of the men complained, saying he was mighty thirsty.

The complete AtoZ names index of Native American deities, spirits, demons, monsters and other legendary characters from North American mythology.

This catagory is dedicated to the Native American mythology, which is responsible for such creatures like the Wendigo, Stonecoat, Piasa, and many more. This catagory is dedicated to the Native American mythology, which is responsible for such creatures like the Wendigo, Stonecoat, Piasa, and many more.

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Common trickster figures in Native American mythology include Rabbit in the Eastern regions, Coyote and Spider in the Plains and the Southwest regions, and Raven in the Pacific Northwest. Although animals appear in many myths and legends, they seldom have purely animal characteristics.

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