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This is the complete list of all the Disney Infinity characters every released. There is currently 118 Disney Infinity figures that have been released. Agent PMrs. Incredible (aka Elastigirl) is currently the only known playable female character in the entire series to receive two different waist expansions as well as being the only known playable female to have her waist affected by the Glow Urchin (if one doesn't count Holly (due to her being a car) and Dory (due to her being a fish) all playable female characters affected by the Urchin (starting with Violet) will receive disney infinity future playable characters

Mar 01, 2016 New Disney Infinity Marvel Characters confirmed. Today, Disney Interactive debuted their first episode of Disney Infinity Next, showing off some of the brandnew content coming to Disney Infinity

Disney infinity future playable characters free

Jun 13, 2015  This years Disney Infinity is set to be the best and most extensive yet and on top of all of the above playsets as well as additional figures, Disney have also announced: Classic Mickey Mouse. Classic Minnie Mouse. Sam Flynn (Tron) Quorra (Tron) Mulan. Olaf. AntMan.

Playable Characters Playable Characters. Agent P. Iron Man. Kylo Ren. Elsa. Aladdin. Ahsoka Tano. Black Panther.

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Here are the playable characters in Disney INFINITY. Playable Characters List. Agent P. Aladdin Anna Ariel Barbossa Baymax Black Widow Buzz Lightyear Captain America Captain Jack Sparrow Crystal Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Dash Davy Jones Donald Duck Drax Elsa Falcon Francesco Gamora Green Goblin Groot Hawkeye Hiro Hamada Holley Hulk Iron Fist

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