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Jack Frost is the titular main protagonist in the 1998 Holiday film of the same name. Jack Frost is a singer who's on the road most of the time so he can't spend a lot of time with his son Charlie, although they love each other very much. When Jack dies in a car accident, Charlie becomes a veryJack Frost is a mischievous teenage hellion who has no interest in being bound by rules or obligations, and instead favors spreading his winter magic for the sake of the personal amusement of himself and children. Despite these traits, Jack is also gentle and generous. jack frost characters

Jack Frost (1998) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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Jack Frost is a spritelike character with roots in Viking lore, where he is known as Jokul Frosti ( icicle frost ). In Britain and the United States, he is a variant of Old Man Winter and is held responsible for frosty weather, for nipping the nose and toes in such weather, coloring the foliage in autumn, and leaving fernlike patterns on cold windows in winter.

Jack Frost is a 1998 American Christmas fantasy comedydrama film, starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston. Keaton stars as the title character, a man who dies in a car accident and comes back to life as a snowman. Three of Frank Zappa's four children,

Dec 13, 1979 Directed by Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr. . With Buddy Hackett, Robert Morse, Paul Frees, Larry Storch. The Groundhog tells the story of how, for once, Jack Frost became human, and helped a knight win his lady love.

Jack Frost features PardonMe Pete the Groundhog, Jack Frost, Elisa, Kubla Kraus, Father Winter, Elisa's Father, Danny, Elisa's Mother, Snip the Snowflake Maker, Holly, TV Announcer, Sir Ravinal, Clang Stumper, Snow Gypsies, Hail Fellows, Sleet Sisters, Knights. Cartoon Characters, Cast and Crew for Jack Frost (1979) Previous Cartoon Next

Jack Frost Edit. Jack Frost is a 1997 film made by Michael Cooney. The plot takes place in the fictional town of Snowmonton, where a truck containing a notorious serial killer named Jack Frost being sent to a facility to be executed crashes into a truck containing genetic material.

Jack Frost is the unofficial name given to the main character the player controls in the game, Jack Frost. Alongside this character is another, unofficially named Purple frost after its colour, which is only seen when the game is played in multiplayer mode. Jack Frost and Purple Frost appear be

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Jack Frost is the protagonist in the animated film Rise of the Guardians, as well as a supernatural being much like the Guardians. But unlike the others he is a loner, the classic rebel without a cause. He too is immortal, eternally young, charismatic, intelligent, and very handsome.

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