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Brutus. (Click the character infographic to download. ) One of the conspirators, Brutus is supposed to be Julius Caesar's BFF but he ends up stabbing his socalled pal in the back, literally and figuratiApr 15, 2016 First and foremost, Julius Caesar, the Roman general and statesman who upended the Republic and its laws, was a smarty pants. He was exceptionally bright, welleducated, and wellread. julius caesar characters traits

The Julius Caesar characters covered include: Brutus, Julius Caesar, Antony, Cassius, Octavius, Casca, Calpurnia, Portia, Flavius, Cicero, Lepidus, Murellus, Decius. SparkNotes users wanted! Complete this survey to tell us your thoughts on our site and help us make SparkNotes even better.

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Julius Caesar Character Traits. pleads with Caesar to stay home from the Senate on the Ides of March by retelling the unnatural events that occurred during the violent thunderstorm the evening before and the

Aug 05, 2015 Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: Character Analysis& Traits Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar, the tragedy, is based on the life Julius Caesar. The main character in this famous play is not Julius Caesar, Character Analysis and Traits. Brutus, a close friend and perhaps more like an

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Flavius and Marullus Tribunes who wish to protect the plebeians from Caesar's tyranny; they break up a crowd of commoners waiting to witness Caesar's triumph and are put to silence during the feast of Lupercal for removing ornaments from Caesar's statues. Julius Caesar A successful military leader who wants the crown of Rome. Unfortunately, he is not the man he used to be and is imperious, easily

Character List Julius Caesar. Ambitious military leader and politician; most powerful man in Caesar's greatnephew and official heir; member of the triumvi Military leader and member of the triumvirate. Octavius trusts Friend of Caesar, appointed by him to high office in the Roman Julius Caesar Ambitious military leader and politician;

Julius Caesar. the titular character. When the play starts, he is the only man capable of giving orders and ensuring they are carried out. Caesar fails to understand the many signs indicating a plot against him and is killed by a conspiracy led by Cassius and Brutus. His ghost haunts the remainder of the play, and his name is invoked by both Cassius

Human nature was paramount with Shakespeare, and the facts of history have been subordinated in his plays wherever they interfered with his conception of character. Julius Caesar This tendency to place character conception before historic truth is best illustrated in Julius Caesar by the portrayal of Caesar himself. Shakespeare insists, despite history, that he is a tyrant, weak in body and mind, easily

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Some character traits that can be attributed to Julius Caesar are ambition, determination, impatience, clemency, family loyalty, and arrogance. What are the character traits of Antony in Julius

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