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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.Species: Canine Rifle Dog Name: Revolver Age: 9 years Mate: Liana (deceased) Offsprings: Niita, Lifa, Finn (deceased) Father: unknown (deceased) Mother: unknown (deceased) D. O. B: Late summer Revolver was the original leader of Asmundr. He lived in the northern mountains his whole life and inherited the leading rank from his father. asmundr characters

Two years have passed since the plague of the Shield Wolf was defeated, but the increasing threat from humans has forced the family of Asmundr to leave their home. In the new land, their prayers and questions to their gods are only answered in silence, as the dangers of this land become their new reality. An Asmundr sequel.

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[ Literal Asmundr has very little sense of humour because he takes everything literally. B I O G R A P H Y. Asmundr was born before the Graug Plague struck the galaxy. His birth world is Midvinter, where he spent at least 50 years living a basic lifestyle with his Valkyrie people.

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Asmundr Characters ALL GONE! by Apikalia96 Watch. Digital Art Drawings& Paintings Animals. Just a few characters I designed today, I will be playing around with accessories for these guys as soon as I can, but for now meet Eros, Mali and Uma the trio of Jaros. I love these three!

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Asmundr ruled Immortal Emperor Asmundr, known later as Asmundr the Undying, was the last and most powerful ruler of the ancient Kasrin Empire. The son of King Willamar and brother to Lord Commander Aeras

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