Unreadable characters in excel

2020-01-21 07:09

Mar 12, 2019  Notepad has ANSI ( ASCII& Extended ASCII) as its default setting for saving text files. If the text file contains nonANSI characters then it gives a warningwhich if you accidentally bypass and save the file with the ANSI encoding, all nonANSI characters become unreadable.Dec 18, 2013 Garbage characters in Word and Excel (old) files Since a couple of weeks, almost all my old Word and Excel documents are unreadable: when I open them, I see only funny characters, and Word suggests me to convert the file to another language. This is with Office 2003, but I have installed Office 2010, same behaviour. unreadable characters in excel

Jun 30, 2013  Dear Microsoft community please help me to retrive data from my word and excel files. When I try to open some old word and excel files from my

Unreadable characters in excel free

How to remove some special characters from string in Excel? If there are some special characters such as& () within the text strings, and now, you want to remove theses specific characters from the cell strings. To remove them one by one will be timeconsuming, here, I will introduce some quick tricks for solving this task in Excel.

Hello, I'm a bit of a newbie with Excel, but I have several cells with data that contain both letters and numbers (4H, 8V, 4FH, etc. ) What I want to do is remove only the text characters from these cells, and add the remaining number values together among a series of cells with this data type.

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Jul 07, 2011  The Excel 2010 help file provides more information about the CLEAN function than earlier versions: Removes all nonprintable characters from text. Use CLEAN on text imported from other applications that contains characters that may not print with your operating system. For

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