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The definition of a mammal is an animal that grows hair and feeds its babies on milk, whereas dinosaurs grow feathers and lay eggs. Not all dinosaurs were very large not by a long way and they can be divided into two main types, only one type of which was the ancestor of birds.Jun 28, 2019 Dinosaurs were a diverse group of animals. This is a Spinosaurus, which was probably a specialist fish eater. Dinosaurs were a tremendously varied group of animals. Some dinosaurs were grazers, some were predators, some lived in herds, some had horns and some had armour, but despite all these differences, there were things that all dinosaurs had in common. dinosaur characteristics animals

Dinosaurs were a group of animals that ruled our world for about 150 million years. They lived during the geologic middle ages of the Earths history, in a time that is called the Mesozoic era. Dinosaurs were reptiles and belonged to the greatest animals on Earth. The Age of Dinosaurs. The Mesozoic era is often called the Age of Dinosaurs.

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Both definitions result in the same set of animals being defined as dinosaurs: Dinosauria Ornithischia Saurischia , encompassing ankylosaurians (armored herbivorous quadrupeds), stegosaurians (plated herbivorous quadrupeds), ceratopsians (herbivorous quadrupeds with horns and frills), ornithopods (bipedal or quadrupedal herbivores including duckbills ), theropods (mostly bipedal carnivores and

All animals share characteristics such as growth and reproduction. What characteristic did many dinosaurs share with todays lizards? they are warm blooded, they have tails, and they sometimes eat

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One example being Dimetrodon, which went extinct millions of years before the first dinosaurs evolved. Dinosaurs were not reptiles, but shared characteristics with both reptiles and birds.

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