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The second book in the fourpart Breadwinner series, Parvanas Journey (2002) is a childrens novel by Canadian author and activist Deborah Ellis. Set in contemporary Afghanistan, the story follows thirteenyearold Parvana on a harrowing journey to find her mother and siblings in the wartorn Middle East.Start studying Parvana's Journey. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. parvana's journey character traits

Transcript of Parvana's Journey. Brave Started out on a journey by herself. Smart Recites timetables. Loving Remembers her father. Caring Treats Leila like her sister. Emotionally strong She doesn't give up hope. Family: In the book Parvana was on a journey to find her family but on the way she made a family with Leila,

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Character Analysis. Parvana is not your typical elevenyearold girl, but she would certainly like to be. She is living in Kabula city in Afghanistanunder Taliban rule, so she is surrounded by violence, oppression, and poverty and before long, her family sees her as their only hope for survival. No pressure or anything though. Parvana as Kaseem

Optimist Curious Taliban Mercilessly Parvana Parvana's Journey by deborah ellis is about a young firl, Parvana, and her difficult journey across warravaged Afghanistan insearch of her family, it is a heartbreaking and captivating story that shows a young girl's determination to

DESCRIPTION: From early chapters, Parvana is a young and naive girl but slowly develops into a courageous young adult, seeking to provide for her family which is an awesome illustration of character development. Consequently, Parvana encounters an abundant of

Character Analysis. But though they're in similar situations, Shauzia is pretty different from Parvana. Her home life isn't nearly as lovingher dad is dead and she and her sickly mother are forced to live with her father's family, who aren't very niceand Shauzia is much more daring than her little friend.

Character Description Parvana: Narrated around Parvana, she is the main character in the novel. Her life changing decision to save her family impacts her personality immensely, her mind matures and her personality thrives with confidence with her life or death decisions.

Jul 23, 2002 Parvana's Journey (The Breadwinner# 2) She soon meets other children who are victims of war an infant boy in a bombedout village, a nineyearold girl who thinks she has magic powers over landmines, and a boy with one leg. The children travel together, forging a kind of family out of sheer need.

Parvana, Asif, Hassan, Leila The book My Antonia written by Willa Cather is a story about the journey from childhood into adulthood of its three main characters.

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One of the most interesting things about Deborah Ellis's new novel, Parvana's Journey, is its absence of human antagonists. A sequel to her hugely successful The Breadwinner (which has sold more than 200, 000 copies worldwide), this new novel follows the same character, Parvana, now 13, on her search for her mother and siblings in warravaged Afghanistan.

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