Coded character set identifier 65535

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When I specify 37 or for the CCSID, the table is created. I don't see anything in the manual or the secondlevel text for SQL0189 that explains this (at least not to me). Coded Character Set Identifier 1252 not valid. Same thing for CCSID 819. When I specify 37 or for the CCSID, theObjectlevel coded character set identifier CCSID is the default objectlevel CCSID for message files and message queues. If an object has a CCSID of, no conversions occur when adding messages to that object or when receiving messages from that object. coded character set identifier 65535

What Are Database Files with Coded Character Set Identifier (CCSID)? A Coded Character Set ID (CCSID) is a part of National Language Support (NLS). The CCSIDs assign a value that uniquely identifies the coded graphic character representation used for character data.

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Coded Character Set Identifier; Source File Conversion; Creating A Source Physical File With A Coded Character Set Identifier; Changing the Coded Character Set Identifier (CCSID) Converting String Literals In A Source File; Using Unicode Support For Widecharacter Literals; Target Ccsid Support; International Locale Support. Elements Of A Language Environment

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If the job CCSID is (the operating system default), an appropriate value is set for the default CCSID based on the job's language identifier LANGID. . The job's language identifier comes from the user profile information and this in turn defaults to the appropriate system value.

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