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John Constantine, the Hellblazer, is a workingclass magician, occult detective and a goldentongued con man. He is wellknown for his scathing wit, endless cynicism, ruthless cunning and constantHellblazer. John Constantine is an unconcerned, amoral occultist with a British workingclass background. He's an antihero who manages to come out on top through a combination of luck, trickery and genuine magic skill. hellblazer comic characters

First appearance in Hellblazer# 1; Marj and Mercury A travelling eco warrior, briefly romantically linked with John Constantine, and her psychically sensetive daughter. Mercury's kidnap formed the crux of The Fear Machine, and she later set John down the path that led to his discovery of 'The Golden Child First appearance in Hellblazer# 14

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First appearance in Hellblazer# 135; Characters introduced in other media Introduced in the film. Angela Dodson, a troubled Los Angeles Police Department Detective investigating the suicide of her twin sister, Isabel. Like her sister, she developed psychic abilities, but decided to rejected a long time ago. Portrayed by Rachel Weisz.

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John Constantine, Hellblazer is an American contemporary horror comic book series published by DC Comics, and subsequently by its Vertigo imprint since March 1993 when the imprint was introduced. Its central character is the streetwise magician John Constantine, who was created by Alan Moore and Stephen R. Bissette, and first appeared as a supporting character in Swamp Thing# 37, during that

Constantine is unusual among comic book characters in that he has aged in real time since his creation. In Hellblazer issue eight Constantine celebrated his 35th

Characters John Constantine. Lucifer Morningstar. Nergal. Astra Logue. First of the Fallen. Papa Midnite. Demon Constantine. Rosacarnis.

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Hellblazer is a nickname given to occultist adventurer John Constantine, who is known for frequently challenging the forces of Hell. It was used as the title for his first ongoing series, Hellblazer, published by the DC imprint Vertigo Comics.

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