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You cannot change a variable type from numeric to character (or vice versa) in SAS. EVER. put(yr2015, date9) as CharYr2015. would create a new text variable. IN a data step the equivalent is. CharYr2015 put(yr2015, Date9. ); Note that DATA step does not use AS to indicate the target variable. It is the name of the variable to the leftMar 30, 2009 I am working with SAS language. I am in need of converting character date to numeric date. Eg. I have records with date in character form ' so now I need to convert this into 01OCT2007 (date9. ) format. Can any one help me. sas convert date9 to character

I suppose there is an easy fix for this, although I am new to SAS so it seems a little tricky at the moment. Basically I have a date variable that is in character format ( 10) and looks like, as an example. I would like to get that to date9. format if possible. Thanks for the help!

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You also have the alternative of leaving the data exactly as is. When printing, you can always apply a format so you can view it in a more familiar form.

Sample: Convert variable values from character to numeric or from numeric to character The INPUT and PUT functions convert values for a variable from character to numeric, and from numeric to character.

SAS: Convert Character Variable to Date Deepanshu Bhalla 11 Comments SAS. This tutorial explains multiple ways we can convert character variable to SAS date. Suppose you encounter a problem in which you need to convert character variable to SAS date format. It happens most of the times when we upload raw data file in TXT, EXCEL or CSV format

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Convert From Character to Date in SAS. In the blog posts Convert from Character to Numeric and Convert from Numeric to Character I demonstrate the correct way of converting variable types in SAS by use of the INPUT and PUT Function respectively. A common use of converting a variable from character to numeric in SAS is when a date is stored as a character value.

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