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Cordelias reunion with Lear marks the apparent restoration of order in the kingdom and the triumph of love and forgiveness over hatred and spite. This fleeting moment of familial happiness makes the devastating finale of King Lear that much more cruel, as Cordelia, the personification of kindness and virtue, becomes a literal sacrifice toThe King Lear quotes below are all either spoken by Cordelia or refer to Cordelia. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is cordelia king lear characteristics

Cordelia genuinely loves her father, but her refusal to flatter him leads to the tragedy that unfolds. Cordelia's tears at the news of her father's treatment prove her compassion and establish that she is, indeed, the opposite of her sisters. Cordelia has no desire for revenge, nor any need to make her father suffer for having misjudged her.

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In this character profile, we take a close look at Cordelia from Shakespeare's 'King Lear Cordelias actions are a catalyst for much of the action in the play, her refusal to take part in her fathers love test results in his furious impulsive outburst where he disowns and banishes his otherwise faultless daughter.

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