Voltage current characteristics of a zener diode

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Jan 13, 2013  The characteristics of a regular junction diode will show that it is designed primarily for operation in the forward direction. Forward biasing will cause a large I F with a rather small value of V F. Reverse biasing will generally not cause current conduction until higher values of reverse voltageJan 02, 2019 A graph of current through vs the voltage across the device is called the characteristic of Zener diode. The first quadrant is the forward biased region. Here the Zener diode acts like an ordinary diode. When a forward voltage is applied, current flows through it. But due to higher doping concentration, higher current flows through the Zener diode. In the third quadrant, the magic happens. voltage current characteristics of a zener diode

The voltage at which zener breakdown occurs is called zener voltage and the sudden increase in current is called zener current. A normal pn junction diode does not operate in breakdown region because the excess current permanently damages the diode.

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Below is the voltagecurrent characteristics curve of a zener diode: You can see in the above curve the how steady and constant the voltage across the zener diode is after it reaches the breakdown voltage, despite large changes in current.

Zener voltage: It is that reverse bias voltage at the which junction breakdown completely and large current flows through the device at a constant potential. Reverse saturation current: It is the current flowing through the device at reverse biased condition due to the flow of minority charge carriers.

In this region the voltage across zener diode remains constant but current changes depending on the supply voltage. zener diode is operated in this region when it is being used as a voltage regulator. The complete vi characteristics of zener diode is as shown in figure

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The zener diode goes through a number of different regions or stages, of which are explained below. The right half side of the characteristics curve is the part in which the zener diode receives forward voltage, which is positive voltage across its anode to cathode terminals.

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