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FrameMaker crashes if a filename containing special characters ( and ) is published. (Ref 2927) For a set of files, FrameMaker crashes when a. ditamap file is saved as PDF. (Ref 2896) For a set of files, FrameMaker crashes on scrolling through the files. (Ref 2816)Mar 24, 2015 I created an index entry in Chapter 10 of my FrameMaker book and I have no idea how to look it up. go to the offending source page, and click at the top left of the main text frame. Open the Special Marker dialog. Do an Edit FindChange by Marker of Type: Index without inserting some wide temporary spacing characters to push them framemaker index special characters

Change sort order. Indexes are sorted so that special symbols appear first, numbers appear second, and alphabetic characters appear last. By default, a few punctuation characters are ignored in sorting, and alphabetic characters appear in the correct sort order for the English language.

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Feb 25, 2011 The alphabetic sort order differs slightly for other languages then the English one. I rewrite the alphabetics in the special text flow of the Reference Page of the index file, regenerate the index file, but the result is wrong. The special Group Title characters for greek, hungarian, czech, russian etc. languages are combined among latin Group

FrameMaker Shortcuts& Special Symbols Version 6. 0 7. 0. Contents Document navigating 1 Text 7 Special characters 8 Accents 9 Spaces, dashes, hyphens, and returns 9 Math symbols 10 Typing symbols in dialog boxes 11 Graphic editing 12 Table editing, navigating, and using 13 Go to entry from index entry CTRLclick

After creating index markers, you can generate a standard index in FrameMaker. Go to Add Standard Index or Special Standard Index and include the marker type Index in the Setup Standard Index dialog box. Click Update in the Update Book dialog box and click OK to generate an index for your book.

Working With Special Characters In FrameMaker From Bullets to Hearts There are a couple of easy ways to browse and use various special characters in your FrameMaker files. Many nonstandard characters (those not found directly on most keyboards) can be entered by typing a special key sequence.

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Sep 30, 2016 The following is a list of issues resolved in FrameMaker (2015 release) and subsequent patch releases. Check the FrameMaker forum for solutions, workarounds, or any latebreaking information. Note: Most issues listed below are relevant to both FrameMaker and FrameMaker XML Author. Issues relevant to

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