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This page contains Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 Unlockables for PSP called Unlockable characters and has been posted or updated on Oct 4, 2006 by matyo.Unlock Liu bei, Pang tong, Jiang wei, Wei yan, Guan ping, Yue ying, Zh Added 3 Jul 2012, ID# 4260 To unlock Wei yan, Zhuge liang, and Guan ping, You must Clear first row with any Shu Characters. To unlock Jiang wei, and Yue ying, Clear second and Third row With Zhuge Liang. To unlock Liu bei And Pang Tong, You must Clear Fourth row With Any Shu Characters. If All Shu's Stage Complete 100, You Get All shu Officer dynasty warriors vol 2 psp unlock characters

Mar 23, 2006  Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 ( 2nd Evolution, Shin Sangoku Musou 2nd Evolution) is a sequel to the PSP port of Dynasty Warriors. The game builds on the same gameplay formula as its predecessor while deriving content from Dynasty Warriors 5.

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Oct 24, 2006 For Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 on the PSP, a GameFAQs Answers question titled Who are the unlockable characters? .

Jul 08, 2019 Download dynasty warriors vol 2 psp unlock characters adalah satu judul game dari seri Dynasty Warriors yang popular dengan tema hack& slash. Pertama kali dirilis di Jepang tanggal 23 Maret 2006, game ini bisa dimainkan di platform PSP. Omega Force selaku pengembang game bekerja sama dengan Koei selaku penerbitnya.

Sun Jian Sun Jian is from the Dynasty Warriors series. He is the king of Wu. Sun Shang Xiang A character from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, she has been popularized in games such as the Dynasty Warriors series. She is the daughter of Sun Jian and sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan

Nov 18, 2006  This will unlock Meng Huo and Jiao Zhi's Rescue Unlock Zhu Rong 1) Complete 'Jiao Zhi's Rescue Nanman' 100. This will unlock Nan Zhong Campaign 2) Complete 'Nan Zhong Campaign

How to unlock playable characters 5. Updates 1. Introduction Dynasty Warriors 2 is a great game with introduction of a stable consist up to 8 horseselephants that you can take out to battlefield at the start of each battle.

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Successfully complete Si Shui Gate 100 in Musou mode to unlock Dong Zhoug. Play as Guan Ping. Successfully complete Musou mode with Zhao Yun to unlock Guan Ping. Play as Houng Zhong. Successfully complete Musou mode with Zhao Yun to unlock Houng Zhong. Play as Jiang Wei. Successfully complete Musou mode with Zhauge Liang to unlock Jiang Wei. Play as Liu Bei

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