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Whyte House Casino Las Vegas Willard Whyte: Jimmy Dean. Diamonds Are Forever features the last proper. He also knows a good tailor in Hong Kong and is a member of the Playboy whyte house casino las vegas club and. . el cortez hotel and casino hauntedCircus Circus Casino 2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (James Bond and Tiffany Case at Casino with trapeze artists) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (The Whyte House Casino) 4 of 4 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No. Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 4 of 4 whyte house casino las vegas

The Whyte House is a fictional hotel owned by billionaire Willard Whyte. Whyte is said to have taken refuge in one of the hotel's penthouse for months. Stand up comedian Shady Tree occasionally performs there. The location prominently appeared in EON Productions '

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When James Bond came to Las Vegas PHOTOS While the International stood in for The Whyte House casino matte paintings obscured the surrounding buildings and made the hotels location

May 18, 2012 Bond decides to take a show at his Casino The Whyte House . For the exterior shots of the Whyte House, the Las Vegas Hilton was used. The tall building behind the original Hilton was edited in by the filmmakers, to make the entire complex look bigger and did not exist. The Whyte House by night

Oct 09, 2012 It is the Westgate Resort and Casino that doubles as The Whyte House in Diamonds Are Forever. Visiting only two years after it was built, it is not doubt that the Bond production crew decided on the Hilton as it was known then; thus following the Bond tradition of only using the biggest, best and most famous places in the world at the time.

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