2006 toyota camry v6 timing belt or chain

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Mar 26, 2006 Does the 2006 Toyota Camry LE have a timing belt or chain? Follow. 5 answers 5. just like the last guy said 4cyl is chain driven and the v6 is belt driven but the 2007 is chain driven on both the 4 and 6 cyl. Source(s): Does 94 toyota camry le v6 have a timing belt or a chain? Answer Questions. Will autozone check your vehicle for free?If your Tacoma is a V6 from 1995 to 2004, replace the belt at 60k miles. If youve got a 4cylinder from 1995 to today or a V6 from 2005 to today, your Tacoma has a chain so you can sit this one out. Dont Ignore Your Timing Belt Service Interval. Replacing a timing belt before it 2006 toyota camry v6 timing belt or chain

Feb 21, 2016 How To Install Replace Engine Timing Belt TOYOTA CAMRY 2. 0L 1MZFE U140E Toyota Camry V6 3MZFE Timing Belt, Why Some Cars Have a Timing Chain Instead of a Timing Belt Duration

2006 toyota camry v6 timing belt or chain free

Apr 21, 2018 Timing belt or chain: The 4cylinder 2. 4L engine has a maintenancefree timing chain. Both 3. 0L V6 and 3. 3L V6 have a timing belt that needs to be replaced at regular intervals. See more information on the next page. Safety: Antilock brakes (ABS) were optional; standard from 2005. Side and side curtain airbags were optional on models.

Jul 06, 2009 Does the 4. 0 V6 have a timing chain or does it have a belt? Thanks, Dave. 2006 Toyota Tacoma DCab Long Bed SR5 V6 5spd Auto 4x4 Tow Package, 6 CD Changer, Rear Limited Slip Differential, 16 Alloy Wheels I've got a 2003 Camry I4 with a chain and have had a 1996 Corolla with a belt that I had changed every 60, 000 miles. Just hoping also

Toyota Camry Timing BeltChain Questions Does a 2007 V6 Camry have a timing chain or a timing belt? If it has a timing belt, when does it have to be replaced? i met someone who said she had just received a notice from toyota that there is a recall for 1996 toyota camry timing belts. I am the 3rd owner of a 1996 camry so know little

Does my vehicle have a timing belt or timing chain? Below is a quick reference chart to identify if your vehicle has a timing belt, chain or gear. For more details such as recommended change intervals, please refer to the Warranty and Maintenance Guide or Owner's Manual for your vehicle.

Jul 18, 2007 When I got my '94 Camry V6, it had 124K miles but I had no idea if the timing belt had been changed, and I finally realized at around 135K miles when my car broke down on the highway. I was lucky since it was in the middle of the city, but if it happened out in the country I would be really stuck, unless I wanted to fork out for a tow truck.

Aug 15, 2017 Now you know if your Toyota uses a timing belt or a timing chain. If your vehicle employs a timing belt and is nearing its 60, 000 mile interval, do not neglect to change the belt and related parts at your earliest convenience. Here is a great place to find a Toyota timing belt kit for your vehicle.

Following is the complete Toyota Timing Belt and Timing Chain List. Some Toyota engines have timing belts, some have timing chains. It pays to know what your engine has.

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Jul 08, 2010 2006 Toyota Camry. Questions Toyota Toyota Camry 2006 Toyota Camry Timing belt or timing chain? Timing belt or timing chain? (2006 Toyota Camry) How can I tell if my 06 Camry has a timing belt or timing chain? elobaugh in Acampo, CA on. July 08, 2010. Answer. Like this comment? Sign in or register to let us know! Register Sign In (0)

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