Kmc kool knight bmx chain

2020-01-20 16:08

KMC KOOL KNIGHT CHAIN KMC's durable half link chain with the added protection of full body armour to protect you when grinding the Knights away. 12 X 18 100 Links, pin length 9, 5 mm Compatible with: BMXContinental Chain Co. 1713 Lindbergh Court La Verne, CA US Phone: Fax: For information on products in the KMC online catalog, send email to [email protected] us. kmc kool knight bmx chain

Jan 22, 2010  Review: KMC Kool Knight Chain When you think about it, there isnt really much that you could do to a chain that hasnt already been done. The concept is straight forward, you take links and piece them together. They are used in bikes, machines, jewelry and so many more random things.

Kmc kool knight bmx chain free

Jun 13, 2016 The KMC Kool knight chain is comprised entirely of half links. The unique chain was the winner of the 2010 German if product design gold award. Due to its design, the chain has an extremely high tensile strength and a high resistance to grinding damage. 12 x18 , 112 Link chain.

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KMC Chain Chains KK710NP (Kool Knight) KK710NP (Kool Knight) Shop the KStore; Zoom. Specifications. x18 112 Links. Compatibility. BOX; KMC; Campagnolo; Shimano; Sram; Bike Applications. Features Mushroomed Riveting. AntiDrop Design. Double L Bridge. Half Link Design. Full Nickel Plated. Reddot Design Award Winner. iF Design Award

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