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The twelve future trends that will shape value chains and supply chain management during this decade. Are you ready for the 12 global root trends that address change in society, shopper behavior, environment and technology? Above all, sustainability is the new buzzword.Pharma 2020: Supplying the future 5 1. New product types Pharmas portfolio is changing substantially. Industry analysts predict that, by 2016, bioengineered vaccines and biologics will account for 23 of the global market (measured by value), up from 17 in 2009. 5 The product base will become even more diverse, as advances in nanotechnology, 2020 future value chain pdf

The Future of the Automotive Value Chain 2025 g 2 13 The automotive value chain in 2025 will be determined by a multitude of highimpact drivers. Where developments are most uncertain from todays point of view, scenariobased thinking can support decisionmaking.

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Jan 07, 2011  Consumer goods and retail industry aligns on common objectives for new value chain collaboration. Two hundred executives from leading retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, academics, thirdparty providers and industry organizations participated in 2020 Future Value Chain: Building Strategies for the New Decade.

We commend The Consumer Goods Forum for their pledge to help achieve net zero deforestation by 2020. Were proud to partner with these companies, who recognise that taking action to prevent tropical deforestation is not only a critical part of protecting our climate and our

Jun 25, 2013  Future Value Chain 2022 Report. Publish date: Improve sustainability of packaging across the different value chain stages; File type: PDF Download icon. Related Resources. Capgemini has filed its friendly tender offer for Altran with the French

This report which is the latest in the Future Value Chain series takes a closeup look at these megatrends and their implications for the industry, and presents the initiatives and their associated action plans. We invite you to join these initiatives to help ensure a strong Future Value Chain that

Digital Supply Chain Management 2020 Vision. We used Michael Porter's Value Chain. form the basis for the creation of the digital supply chain management agenda. The use cases will be

Feb 15, 2011  2020 Future Value Chain: TCGFs strategic pillars Future Value Chain Building Strategies for the New Decade 63. How to use the Future Value Chain in your company Future Value Chain Building Strategies for the New Decade 64.

Jan 10, 2011 The 2020 Future Value Chain project examined the impact of key trends and defined the strategic objectives on which the consumer goods and retail industry should focus its energies. The objectives

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2016: The Future Value Chain 9 Forces and Trends Driving the Future Value Chain The Future Value Chain P r o d u c t f l o w I n f o r m a t i o n f l o w C o n s u m e r b h a v i o u r Ecological: Energy scarcity and efficiency Sustainability and waste management Demographic: Shift in global population Urbanisation New Technologies: Virtual

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