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KPIs can help identify the weak links in the supply chain so that action can be initiated to enhance performance because the chain is affected by its weakest link, according to Prem Vrat, Ph. D. , prochancellor and professor of eminence and chief mentor at The Northcap University, in India.What is KPIs in supply chain? The key performance indicators ( KPI's ) established by a company illustrate the gap between planning and execution in the supply chain, and are metrics set up to monitor one or more of the following: cost, value, service, and waste. kpi supply chain

By effectively utilizing their procurement data across all departments, a supply chain analysis can compare product spend across suppliers while analyzing their percentage of contract spend. Procurement can isolate expensive suppliers and negotiate contracts much more effectively by consolidating suppliers.

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Daily supply KPIs are related to the interaction between your suppliers, procurement and production. With the world demanding more responsive supply chains, there is greater focus on suppliers who can work with your firms capabilities and limits.

Aug 08, 2019 Supply chain risk: This may be a tough KPI to develop due to the range of potential risks. One related KPI would be to track the number of solesource suppliers, as they offer the greatest opportunity for risk.

Dec 13, 2016 Their KPIs are broken down into four supply chain functions: contracting, data management, procurement, and materials management. The KPI team consists of the leader of each of these four areas as well as an interim director of supply chain services to oversee the entire program.

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Days of Supply (DOS) DOS is the most common KPI used by managers in measuring the efficiency in supply chain. It is calculated by dividing the average inventory on hand (as value) by the average monthly demand (as value) and then multiplying it by thirty, when measuring on a monthly basis. DOS: Average Inventory Monthly Demand x 30

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