Memphis goons rap with shy glizzy chain

2020-01-20 22:13

Shy Glizzy Got His Chain Snatched at a Memphis Show Memphis may have quickly become one of Shy Glizzy's least favorite cities. Shots were fired at a Glizzy show in the Tennessee town over theDec 23, 2015 DC Rapper Shy Glizzy recently had a show in Memphis where his chain was snatched. The guys who did it, a Memphis rapper named Big Mota and his crew, recorded (incriminated) themselves with the chain and said the reason they did it was because he refused to do a song with them, how emotional: 25: . Memphis rapper Yo Gotti said he has 30, 000 for whoever returns the chain. memphis goons rap with shy glizzy chain

Dec 31, 2015 On December 20th, Shy Glizzy's chain was snatched by some Memphis Savages. They recorded themselves flexing with it and asked for 100, 000 to give the chain back. Shy Glizzy dropped a dissed track

Memphis goons rap with shy glizzy chain free

Memphis Goons Respond to Shy Glizzy Making a Diss Song After they Sold His Chain Back.

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Dec 22, 2015  According to Kollege Kidd, the yappery Shy Glizzy endured happened after gunshots rang out during his performance at Dream. Not too long after, Instagram user @dmuneystacks, an affiliate of controversial Memphis rapper BabyCEO, took to IG to post pictures of the chain, a diamondencrusted rectangle with the words Lizzy Gang in the middle.

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