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2019-12-14 14:21

Back in the day, putting a triple crankset on your road bike was akin to saying I can't climb. As a bit of a clarification, a triple crankset means three chainrings up front, just as is found on most mountain bikes. Triples, as they are called, were just not all that popular for road bikes andConverting triple crank to single or double. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 9 months ago. Changing from a triple ring Shimano Sora chainset to a double ring chainset. 2. Can I use a Shimano 105 10 speed BCD 130mm 52t chainring as a replacement in my 9 speed tiagra triple crankset? 5. triple chainset to double

@Criggie, yes, as I noted in my answer, trim is one of the advantages of a 10 speed, or now 11 speed, drivetrain. It is certainly helpful. However, the question was about changing from a 9 speed double to a 10 speed triple, and whether there would be additional parts beyond the crankset required by that swap.

Triple chainset to double free

Converting a road triple chainset to a compact, semicompact or standard road double. Changing from a road triple to either a compact, semicompact or standard road double will typically require a new left shifter, front derailleur, chain as well as chainset which means this

A triple chainset is essentially a double with a smaller chainring bolted on. Triple chainsets require special front derailleurs and shifters, along with a matching long cage rear derailleur to accommodate the long chain needed to cover the full range of sprocket options.

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Sep 12, 2017 The triple chainset is wider because it uses spacers on the spindle on both sides; the Hollowtech BB is the same so leave it alone. No spacers with a road double chainset, and as above, just set up the front mech again so it uses the shifter positions for big and middle ring.

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