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2019-12-15 03:48

The good news is that Food Chain Magnate is an absolute barn stormer of a game. A delicious puzzle patty rolled in thematic batter, deep fried across years of playtesting(? ). The bad news is that it became almost entirely sold out between us receiving this game and publishing the review.Food Chain Magnate might be the best tabletop game ever designed and you can play it on your iPad. If you're the first person to toss food, however, you earn a Milestone that nabs you a freezer to store up to 10 items each round. If you're the first to market burgers, you get 5 on every burger you sell. food chain magnate review

May 21, 2017 Food Chain Magnate is a very heavy strategic game where players build up a fast food franchise starting with just one restaurant and a CEO. You will then need to hire more employees to begin producing food and drinks, advertising your products, and selling to the customers in town.

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Review of Food Chain Magnate powered by the Slant community. In Food Chain Magnate players compete to build the best fast food empire by hiring employees, cooking food

Oct 01, 2016 Food Chain Magnate is a Splotter game. You know, the guys who make those brain achingly good games like Antiquity, Roads& Boats, and the like. It was also the winner of the Heavy Cardboard Golden Elephant Award for the Best Heavy Board Game of 2015. It's on its fifth printing (caveat that Splotter has small print runs).

Mar 26, 2017 Food Chain Magnate 7. 7 Gameplay 10. 010 Game Length 7. 010 Components 6. 010 Pros nothing is left to chance satisfying engine building experience Cons lots of cardsContinue reading

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