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Activate only as Chain Link 2 or higher; inflict 400 damage to your opponent times the Chain Link number of this card. You cannot activate this card if multiple cardseffects with the same name are in that Chain.Chain Burn: Thomas Rose Top 8 48. 93 June 2016 State Championship Illinois Chain Strike Burn: Ben Lodise 3rd 4th Place 62. 81 June 2014 ARGCS Milwaukee Chain Burn: Nick Lemke 1st 14th Place 53. 49 June 2014 National Championship Turkey Chain Burn: Sinan J. Ozkillic 5th 8th Place 40. 50 June 2014 National Championship Argentina Chain Burn chain strike deck 2014

Chain Strike or Chain Burn is a Deck usually designed to win by the first to third turn. This is accomplished by starting a chain with and continuing until a welltimed Chain Strike can generate enough burn damage to win.

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Chain Burn constructed deck list and prices for the YuGiOh TCG. SHOP. Latest Sets. Legendary Duelists: Imortal Destiny. Sealed. Advent Calendar 2019. Sealed. 2 Chain Strike 1 One Day of Peace 3 Pot of Duality 2 Scapegoat. Spells [8 3 Accumulated Fortune 1 Ceasefire 2 Dimension Wall 3 Just Desserts 1 Legacy of YataGarasu

The decks win condition is to burn your opponents life points to 0. The main card in the deck is Chain Strike , your aim is to chain your Draw and Burn cards together and to inflict loads of damage to your opponent while drawing back a lot of your cards to regain your advantage.

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Hello everyone, welcome to the Chain Strike Tips and Tricks guide. This guide is designed to help you understand the mechanics of Chain Strike, learn some strategies and tips for the game, and generally further yourself in the gameplay. Chain Strike. Game Basics. Chain Strike is a grid style turnbased RPG with an anime them to it.

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