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Mar 28, 2018 N47 Timing Chain failure how common is it still? But every google link refers to the dreaded N47 timing chain problem. And then you also have the annoying N47 clutch judder that BMWJan 12, 2016 I have a 2007 bmw 120d m sport with miles full bmw service history and was told by a bmw dealer that there was a warranty recall on the timing chain on my car although it was reserved but no inspection done, he said I needed to call customer service get them to unreserve the rework and call him back to book in, so rang bmw today and they bmw n47 chain

In the case of BMW N47 timing chain snaps, there is a collision with pistons take place between the exhaust valves and the inlet that results in massive engine damage. In a result, it will start bending all the 16 valves, twist and snap both camshafts, shatter the rocket arms and also snap the camshaft housing.

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N47 is the one plagued by timing chain stretching because of strain imposed by HPFP. They also like running bearings, there was a recall for these at some point in time. '08 to early '10 cars known as the 130kW version N47T is the updated one. '10 onwards, carried over to

Until they do start utilizing the new engine, BMW continues to use the N47 as a mainstay in their fleet. Since BMW will not own up to the timing chain problem (publicly), the best we can do is to see what the BMW owners community has said about it. According to

The N47 engine has its timing chain hidden away at the back of the unit, its meant to be bulletproof and this component should last the lifetime of the car. Unfortunately this isnt the case. Various timing chain problems have been reported by frustrated owners.

BMWs timing chain problem comes back to haunt carmaker BMWs travails with its N47 diesel engine failures, which had been thought sorted and finished with, are coming back to haunt the German

Watch this interesting video about the best BMW N47 timing chain replacement. Please click the link below to see picture number 9 and 13. Ensure groove on highpressure fuel pump shaft aligned with lug on timing case 13

BMW timing chains are engineered for the life of the engine and never need maintenance or replaced. To prove that point BMW has always performed several long distance tests on its new engines before they are put on the market. Back in the 90s they took a e34 (5 series) and ran it over 2 million miles, just performing the standard maintenance.

The N47 engine family is prone to excessive timing chain wear and premature failure. Rattling noise from the rear of the engine is indicative of the condition. Timing chain failure may call for engine replacement or a costly repair.

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Jul 01, 2017 My 118d has the B47 engine and given the problems with the N47 timing chain, wondered if anyone has heard of similar issues with the B47. I know that the B47 timing chain is still buried at the back of the engine so would be engine out job to replace. As I plan to keep the car a good while, probably 56 years, I hope that BMW have fixed the

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