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Mar 14, 2018 The Dark Eye is set in the fictional place of Aventuria within the Kingdom of Andergast. The player controls the protagonist, Geron, who tries to save the town from disaster. GameAug 27, 2015 Walkthrough Playthrough L'oeil noir: les chaines de Satinav partie 9: Harm, l'honnte marchand [SUB FR. the dark eye chains of satinav harm

Jun 01, 2015  While there are other games in the The Dark Eye universe, I'm pretty sure Chains of Satinav is the first in this story. The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav (2012) Memoria (2013) Daedalic also did Blackguards (2014) a 'The Dark Eye' tactical RPG, but it's unrelated to these. Maybe that's where you got 3

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Go to Harm's cabin. Start conversation with him to distract Harm from Nuri and you'll see the fairy swaps keys. Exit the cabin, go to the captain's deck, lower the lifeboat to the bottom (use the crank three times) and take Harm's key from Nuri. Tell her that she can get out of lifeboat.

Light up the dark niche: Check the butterflysummerling inside a jar at top right pedestal. Use the disassemble magic on the jar to release the butterfly. Nuri gets upset for breaking the jar.

This guide is a complete achievement hunt and Game walkthrough for The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav . In order to complete this game, you only require patience to solve some pretty logical puzzles. In this guide I shall not mention achievement that you get by normally playing this game. Instead I

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