Altima timing chain whine

2019-12-15 19:34

Timing Tensioner Problems of Nissan Altima. My vehicle is experiencing a whining noise at idle and also while driving. Upon further review and extensive online research at maxima forum, I have found out there's a design flaw on the timing chain tensioners on these v6 engines. Timing chain guide and timing chain tensioners; wear outMar 23, 2011 I have an 05 3. 5L Nissan Altima. A few weeks ago I had a worsening whining noise and I decided to take it to my local mechanic. He checked my belts and realized that it was coming from my timing chain, which appears to be a common problem for this model of engine from Nissan. altima timing chain whine

Apr 24, 2015  NISSAN MAXIMA WHINING NOISE FROM TIMING CHAIN AREA Maxima (A34) Altima (L31) with VQ35 engine ONLY Quest (V42) IF YOU CONFIRM: There is a high frequency buzzing whining noise coming from the secondary timing chain system. The noise should increase in frequency with engine speed (RPM).

Altima timing chain whine free

Nov 29, 2015 I bought this car about 2 months ago and it has been whining like this ever since also on a cold start it will always make a rattling sound as you can hear in the video.

Sep 05, 2016 The repaired Altima with new timing chain kit exhibits no normal Nissan whine. Yes, I did eventually repair this Altima. The 50sKid's 2part 2001 Altima timing chain and oil pump repair video was

According to the automaker, both those plaintiffs say the timing chains whine, not that the systems are hazardous to them or anyone else. The Nissan timing chain noise lawsuit was filed in the

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Aug 05, 2009 Timing Whine I've only got 60, 940 miles on mine. Its just out of warranty. Its got the timing chain whine. I went into the dealer and it will be over 1800 to fix it. Oh I had to replace the transmission at 39, 000 miles. Nissan Me wned: . I've had 2 altima's, never again.

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