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Lava Golem has a very high attack which is dangerous when you get hit by it. Use these cards to prevent your opponent's monsters attack while you have no cards to lock Lava Golem. While Sphere Kuriboh, Enemy Controller and Curse of Anubis is mainly used to switch the position of your opponent's monster to stop their attacks.Feb 23, 2019 DUEL 1: Mask of the Accursed Lava Golem Burn Deck vs Koa'ki MeirU Meta DUEL 2: Mask of the Accursed Lava Golem Burn Deck vs Ultra Athletes DUEL 3: Mask of the Accursed Lava Golem Burn Deck vs Koa lava golem chain link

Aug 28, 2019 The Lava Elemental is encountered inside a volcanic cavern covered in crystals. The cave's center is a lavafilled lake with mayan ruins and tilted pillars (You can jump on). Opposite of the entrance is a location where players may hide and shoot down unto the Lava Elemental, whom will be fairly unable to attack you back.

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Jul 29, 2017 YuGiOh Duel Links continues! Lava Golem was just added to the game, and I wanted to try seeing if it's at all viable! LAVA GOLEM, BURN EM DOWN! Enjoy! YuGiOh owned by Konami. All images

Surroundings. After reaching the exit of the path, the path will open up into a circular room with lava in the center. You will see a message and timer appear which gives you some time to leave the arena, in case you no longer want to fight the Lava Elemental. Once the timer ends, the Lava Elemental will spawn and a barrier will appear

Jun 08, 2007 lava golem chain link 1? ? ? YuGiOh TCG Q& A

Chain Burn Deck Recipe by Kish for Yugioh TCG. The main Card on this Deck is Chain Strike, is a build that use effects that you can activate after x Chains Decklist

Sep 29, 2017  Countering Chain Burn. Place one monster with a fair amount of attack ( atk) and slowly poke the Chain Burn Player. Dont dare to put a second in fear of getting Lava Golemd. And if they Kaiju you thats fine as long as youre not in range of lethal by Ring of DestructionDimension WallMagic Cylinder.

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Chain Reaction (Prototype): deck recipe. Duel Links Breaking News. New Duel World: Dark Side of Dimension. I added lava golem in this deck. Chain reaction is a complement. Reply. Anonymous. Anonymous Reply. Add lava golem in every deck, this shit have no weakness. Anonymous this got me to plat 1, any idea to improve it? Reply. Anonymous.

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The figure of molten lava burst out of the ground right in front of the base. Without pausing at all, the Lava Golem ripped through the chain link fence and pressed forward. The air around it warped as heat wafted upwards from the figure. As it moved, however, there was very little noise.

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